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  1. Do you provide Non Profit Discounts on Licences?

  2. Do you provide tiered pricing?

  3. What is this website link when installing app from Salesforce AppExchange?

  4. Can I use Chatter Free users with Formyoula?

  5. What Mobile Devices and OS Versions are Supported/Recommended by Formyoula?

  6. Who is using Formyoula?

  7. What if my users don't have access to objects on Salesforce?

  8. What are your working hours?

  9. Can the person who submits the form receive a confirmation email?

  10. Can I add e-signatures to forms?

  11. Can I use your processing service with my own forms or do I have to use the Form Builder?

  12. Who owns the data collected on our behalf? Are you selling it to anyone?

  13. Do you keep backups?

  14. What is your retention policy? Is my data deleted when I cancel my account?

  15. Do you support non-Latin character sets (e.g. Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, kanji)?

  16. Do you provide phone support?

  17. How can I get more help?

  18. Do you have documentation or a Knowledge Base?

  19. What if I want to suggest a new feature or improvement?

  20. How much does it cost?

  21. Can I try this service risk-free?

  22. How will I be billed?

  23. Can I submit a purchase order or pay by invoice?

  24. How do I cancel my account?

  25. Can I get an invoice for the charge?

  26. Do you have special discounts for nonprofits?

  27. Is there a contract?

  28. Can I pay every year / annually, instead of every month?

  29. What are the supported Salesforce editions?

  30. Is the data securely captured offline and the transmission to Salesforce encrypted?

  31. What kind of Salesforce object can I work with? Does it work with custom objects?

  32. Can I update existing records in Salesforce?

  33. Can I fill out my Formyoula forms using a web browser?

  34. Can a user view submitted form data through a mobile application on their mobile device?

  35. How do I download all collected entries and import in to Excel?

  36. Can I create a Salesforce Offline Quote capture form with Formyoula?

  37. Why I am able to update record on Salesforce but other users can not?

  38. What happens to any form that we submitted that isn’t coming through to our Salesforce records?

  39. I am having trouble getting "Display Additional Fields" to work on a contact look-up. What might be the reason?

  40. What are the "sign in" options for users to use the mobile forms app?

  41. Does this forms app has a Spanish version?

  42. Does Formyoula support other languages besides English?

  43. Is it possible to “add controlling field” linked to a “page”?

  44. Do you support formula fields?

  45. When viewing recent form entries, is it possible to add some sorting capabilities?

  46. How would you go about handling Initials in a form?

  47. Is there anyway to make the text appears longer for a field label?

  48. Is it possible to know what was the device and OS version that captured the form entry?

  49. How does your pricing model work?

  50. Can I get all failed entries that were not created on the Salesforce?

  51. Are there any limits to how many form entries we can capture?

  52. Why new Salesforce Leads are not assigned to the users who created them?

  53. What is Salesforce Connection Sequence?

  54. What type of encryption is used for the data you house?

  55. Do you keep a backup of all data passed through Formyoula?

  56. How can I take ownership of a form created by another user?

  57. How can I prefill forms with information from Salesforce?

  58. Can I redirect users to a different web site or app after the form is submitted?

  59. If we need support, whom will we contact and what is your typical response time?

  60. Does our data ever leave the device on which it is entered?

  61. Is there a limit to the number of form templates that we can have?

  62. How often do you push updates to the software? Will there be any interruptions in our service during these updates?

  63. Which versions of web browsers do you support?

  64. How can I recover archived forms?

  65. I am unable to scroll within the forms when I am in landscape mode using the iOS app on an iPad. How can I fix this?

  66. Can we use Formyoula to export directly to a PDF rather than entering data into Salesforce?

  67. Where can I download the mobile app for my iPhone / Android?

  68. What devices can I use to capture mobile forms offline?

  69. How do I know which fields need to be mapped to Salesforce?

  70. How can I find form entries submitted by specific user and date?

  71. Where can I see an Audit Trail of my form updates?

  72. Can I see who made changes to form or connection?

  73. What is a Formyoula license and who needs to be licensed?

  74. How many form pages and fields can I create?

  75. Refund Policy

  76. How can I view a list of user last login date?

  77. Is there anything I need to do after we refresh our Salesforce Sandbox instance?

  78. Common reasons for GEO Location not being recorded.

  79. PNG Image is coming with a black background in the Graphic Element of the Form

  80. Are there certain limits in regards to the number of entries (example 100 entries per day or user)?

  81. Does your “kiosk mode” lock down the computer or do we need separate software to lock down the machine?

  82. Is it possible to pre-fill as Text element in formyoula with a value from Salesforce that is a formula type field?

  83. Data Security and Privacy

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