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What is a Formyoula license and who needs to be licensed?

A licensed Formyoula user is a person who:

  • Will be administrating your forms and users
  • Will be capturing form entries using the Formyoula mobile applications

Each user and device will need to have an account with us to capture forms on our mobile applications.

We support Salesforce and non-Salesforce users. Both user types can retrieve, create and update records on Salesforce, as long as the form owner has a Salesforce license.

You can manage your available licenses between users based on your needs.

Example Nr.1.
If you are looking to deploy Formyoula to 50 of your team members, they will all need to be licensed, and the administrator will need to have a license to create and distribute the forms.

Example Nr.2.
If you have self-serve mobile devices in several locations, you will need one license for each mobile device.

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