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Data Security and Privacy

In this guide we will share Information regarding data privacy and security features on the Formyoula platform.

  • The data collected by Formyoula can be stored directly in your Salesforce based on your region. We support NA based admins using and EU based admins using The European based service is located in Ireland. The US-based service is located in North Virginia.
  • To give our customers the highest level of confidence about the protection of their data, Heroku has certified with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Union. This ensures that companies who have a European customer base can build apps on Heroku that comply with EU's data protection laws. Your application does not need to be deployed in the EU region to be in compliance. The certification covers both the EU and US region. Check our privacy statement and our entry on for more information about the scope."
  • The data is encrypted and securely stored within the mobile app container. Most devices provide whole device data encryption that adds another layer of security.
  • All platform updates and form template updates are backward compatible. Any unsent data will be delivered to Salesforce even if the app has been updated or a new version of a form template is deployed.
  • Authentication is done once. You can set up a security PIN for the app that will be prompted based on time and activity. You can also configure session expiration on Salesforce or manually disable user access to the mobile app.
  • The data does not flow to any other sources. You can configure Salesforce based entry storage to make sure the mobile app only sends data to your Salesforce instance directly without talking to Heroku.

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