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  1. Add Salesforce Users to Your Formyoula Account

  2. Add Users To Campaigns During Events

  3. Adding Form Entry List Views Fields

  4. Adding Salesforce Lookup Fields to Your Mobile Forms

  5. Adding Users And Form Sharing

  6. Are there any limits to how many form entries we can capture?

  7. Assign Admin Privileges to Formyoula Users

  8. Attach Form Entry PDF to a Salesforce Record

  9. Autonumber new Salesforce records with a unique Formyoula entry ID

  10. Barcode and QR scanning using the Formyoula mobile application

  11. Branding Your Forms With Background Images, Custom Fonts and Text Colours

  12. Can a user view submitted form data through a mobile application on their mobile device?

  13. Can I add e-signatures to forms?

  14. Can I create a Salesforce Offline Quote capture form with Formyoula?

  15. Can I fill out my Formyoula forms using a web browser?

  16. Can I get all failed entries that were not created on the Salesforce?

  17. Can I get an invoice for the charge?

  18. Can I pay every year / annually, instead of every month?

  19. Can I receive the data in my email?

  20. Can I redirect users to a different web site or app after the form is submitted?

  21. Can I see who made changes to form or connection?

  22. Can I submit a purchase order or pay by invoice?

  23. Can I try this service risk-free?

  24. Can I update existing records in Salesforce?

  25. Can I use Chatter Free users with Formyoula?

  26. Can I use your processing service with my own forms or do I have to use the Form Builder?

  27. Can the person who submits the form receive a confirmation email?

  28. Can we use Formyoula to export directly to a PDF rather than entering data into Salesforce?

  29. Cancel Subscription

  30. Capture GEO Location in Salesforce

  31. Capture GEO Location on Form Entry Submission

  32. Capture Photos, Signatures And Sketches Offline

  33. Case Update Form With Filtered Case Related List

  34. Change Salesforce Integration User By Changing Form Ownership

  35. Change The Formyoula App System Button and Label Language

  36. Common reasons for GEO Location not being recorded.

  37. Common Salesforce Record Errors

  38. Conditional Fields

  39. Conditional Salesforce Record Creation

  40. Connect your forms with Salesforce objects

  41. Convert Existing Salesforce Lead Into an Account, Contact, Opportunity and Followup Task

  42. Convert Salesforce objects to Formyoula forms

  43. Create a clickable link that will open a Formyoula form

  44. Create a Custom User Login Email Template for Your New Users

  45. Create a Salesforce Event Record Linked To Multiple Contacts

  46. Create a Salesforce Form

  47. Create a Workflow Rule that will pre-fill information from a related object

  48. Create custom branded PDFs using the Formyoula PDF Editor

  49. Create Custom Lookup Search Result Fields

  50. Create Forms and Capture Form Entries in Any Language

  51. Create Multiple Related Salesforce Records Using a Single Form

  52. Create New Account Record

  53. Create New Campaign Record

  54. Create New Case Record Linked to an Existing Account Record

  55. Create New Contact Record

  56. Create New Contact Record as a Campaign Member to a New Campaign Record

  57. Create New Lead Record

  58. Create New Lead Record as a Campaign Member to an Existing Campaign Record

  59. Create New Opportunity and Opportunity Product Records Using Existing Price Book Entry Records

  60. Create New Opportunity and Opportunity Product Records Using Existing Price Book Entry Records (Pre-Fill)

  61. Create New Opportunity Record Linked to a New Account Record

  62. Create New Opportunity Record Linked to an Existing Account Record

  63. Create New Order and Order Product Records Using Existing Price Book Entry Records

  64. Create New Task Linked To an Account and Contact Records

  65. Create New Work Order and Work Order Line Item Records Offline

  66. Create or Update Lead Records in Salesforce by Using the Upsert Functionality

  67. Create or Update Multiple Contact Records and Link Them to a New Event Record

  68. Create or Update Multiple Contact Records and Link Them to a New Task Record

  69. Create Records on Custom Objects With Formyoula

  70. Create Salesforce Chatter Files in Chatter Groups using Formyoula Form

  71. Create Salesforce Chatter Files, Attachments and Documents using Formyoula Form Files

  72. Create Salesforce Event with Multiple Attendees

  73. Create Salesforce Quotes and Quote Line Items (Products) with an offline form

  74. Create Time Based Workflow Rule To Retry Failed Formyoula Files

  75. Create Visit Records and Track Number of Visits

  76. Create, Update and Find Records on Salesforce

  77. Creating Form Connections

  78. Custom Controlling Field Logic

  79. Custom Navigation Buttons

  80. Custom Navigation Buttons Using The HTML Element

  81. Define dependencies between fields (e.g., dependent picklists)

  82. Delete Users

  83. Disable Auto App Updates on Android

  84. Display Images and Signatures in Salesforce

  85. Display Repeat Group Entries In Custom PDF Template Using Merge Fields

  86. Displaying Additional Salesforce Information for Lookup & Select Fields

  87. Do you have documentation or a Knowledge Base?

  88. Do you have special discounts for nonprofits?

  89. Do you keep a backup of all data passed through Formyoula?

  90. Do you keep backups?

  91. Do you provide Non Profit Discounts on Licences?

  92. Do you provide phone support?

  93. Do you provide tiered pricing?

  94. Do you support formula fields?

  95. Do you support non-Latin character sets (e.g. Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, kanji)?

  96. Does Formyoula support other languages besides English?

  97. Does our data ever leave the device on which it is entered?

  98. Does this forms app has a Spanish version?

  99. Download Captured Form Entries as a CSV File

  100. Edit Form Entries Directly From Your Dashboard To Resubmit Them

  101. Email Connection

  102. Enable Salesforce Object Access for Chatter Free Users and Other Salesforce Users With Limited or No Access to Objects

  103. Enable Secure Mobile Pin Lock

  104. Export Your Formyoula Forms From Your Sandbox and Import Them Into Your Salesforce Production Environment

  105. Exporting All Form Entries To Excel

  106. Filter Salesforce Lookups Based on Form Field Values Using Merge Fields

  107. Filter Salesforce Records Based on Formyoula User Email

  108. Form Auto-Submission When Users Are Idle

  109. Form Auto-Submission When Users Are Idle

  110. Form Sharing

  111. Form Tagging - Create Folder Like Filters For Your Forms

  112. Formyoula Features

  113. Formyoula for Salesforce - Mobile Digital Forms

  114. Formyoula Form Builder Video Guide

  115. Formyoula Integration With Salesforce Chatter

  116. Formyoula Mobile Forms - Expense Claim

  117. Formyoula Mobile Offline Demo for Salesforce

  118. Formyoula Offline Use Case Demo Videos

  119. Formyoula Salesforce Features

  120. Formyoula Setup and Deployment Overview

  121. Generate unique ID and send to Salesforce using the JavaScript element

  122. Get and Set Formyoula Field Values Using the Javascript Elements

  123. How can I find form entries submitted by specific user and date?

  124. How can I get more help?

  125. How can I make sure my Salesforce users can Sign In on Formyoula Mobile?

  126. How can I prefill forms with information from Salesforce?

  127. How can I recover archived forms?

  128. How can I take ownership of a form created by another user?

  129. How can I view a list of user last login date?

  130. How do I cancel my account?

  131. How do I download all collected entries and import in to Excel?

  132. How do I know which fields need to be mapped to Salesforce?

  133. How does your pricing model work?

  134. How many form pages and fields can I create?

  135. How much does it cost?

  136. How often do you push updates to the software? Will there be any interruptions in our service during these updates?

  137. How to Change Formyoula Mobile App Header Background Color and Header Text Color

  138. How to delete a form from your Formyoula account

  139. How to Show Double Byte character on the PDF

  140. How To Skip Form Pages Using Formyoula Custom Navigation?

  141. How to unarchieve a form from Formyoula account

  142. How will I be billed?

  143. How would you go about handling Initials in a form?

  144. I am having trouble getting "Display Additional Fields" to work on a contact look-up. What might be the reason?

  145. I am unable to scroll within the forms when I am in landscape mode using the iOS app on an iPad. How can I fix this?

  146. If we need support, whom will we contact and what is your typical response time?

  147. Import Users From a CSV File

  148. Install Formyoula from the AppExchange

  149. Is it possible to know what was the device and OS version that captured the form entry?

  150. Is it possible to “add controlling field” linked to a “page”?

  151. Is the data securely captured offline and the transmission to Salesforce encrypted?

  152. Is there a contract?

  153. Is there a limit to the number of form templates that we can have?

  154. Is there anything I need to do after we refresh our Salesforce Sandbox instance?

  155. Is there anyway to make the text appears longer for a field label?

  156. Launch Offline Formyoula Mobile Forms via Salesforce1 Formula Field Link

  157. Lead Capture With Business Card

  158. Lookups for Salesforce Orders and Contracts

  159. Making Your Form Fields Required

  160. Math Formula Field - For Simple Mathematical Calculations

  161. Merge Multiple Form Fields Into a Hidden Field to Map Multiple Formyoula Fields to a Single Salesforce Field

  162. Mobile PDF Printing

  163. Multiple Salesforce Records With a Single Form

  164. New Contact Creation and Attachment to Campaign as a Campaign Member

  165. Offline Event Registration

  166. Offline Salesforce Lookups

  167. Online and Offline Salesforce Lookup Search

  168. Override Select List Options With Salesforce IDs

  169. Pre-fill Formyoula forms with Salesforce Information

  170. Prefill form fields from Salesforce using URL merge parameters

  171. Purchasing Formyoula Licences

  172. Push Form Entry Updates To Salesforce

  173. Record & Display Images in Salesforce

  174. Record & Display Signatures in Salesforce

  175. Record Customer Site Visit on Salesforce

  176. Record Voice Files in Salesforce

  177. Refund Policy

  178. Release Notes - December, 2017

  179. Release Notes - June, 2017

  180. Release Notes - March, 2018

  181. Release Notes - September, 2017

  182. Restrict The Formyoula Users Page to Admin Users Only

  183. Salesforce Child Record Auto-Fill Using Repeat Groups

  184. Salesforce From With Multiple Line Items Using Repeat Groups

  185. Salesforce Mobile Forms - Retail Store Report

  186. Salesforce Offline Case Assignment via Email

  187. Salesforce Record Select List

  188. Salesforce Record Type Switching With Workflow Rules

  189. Salesforce Select Child Record Filter

  190. Salesforce Select Element for Record Assignments in the Field

  191. Salesforce1 Quick Action Menu For Launching Formyoula Forms

  192. Send Email After Each Form Entry is Captured

  193. Set Record Types with Hidden fields

  194. Sign In As Another Formyoula User

  195. Sign In To Formyoula Mobile With Partner and Communities Users

  196. Sign out from mobile application

  197. Store Formyoula form entries directly in your Salesforce organization

  198. Testing Formyoula In Your Salesforce Sandbox

  199. The Difference Between Salesforce and Formyoula User Types

  200. Update Credit Card Information

  201. Update or Create a Contact and Attach to a New Campaign as a Campaign Member

  202. Update or Create a Contact Record

  203. Update or Create a Contact Record and Link it to an Existing Account Record

  204. Updating existing records in Salesforce with Lookups

  205. Updating Salesforce Table Element with Custom JavaScript

  206. Use Repeat Groups to Create Salesforce Child and Related Records on Your Mobile Forms

  207. View billing, download receipts and add company details

  208. What are the "sign in" options for users to use the mobile forms app?

  209. What are the supported Salesforce editions?

  210. What are your working hours?

  211. What devices can I use to capture mobile forms offline?

  212. What happens to any form that we submitted that isn’t coming through to our Salesforce records?

  213. What if I want to suggest a new feature or improvement?

  214. What if my users don't have access to objects on Salesforce?

  215. What is a Formyoula license and who needs to be licensed?

  216. What is Salesforce Connection Sequence?

  217. What is this website link when installing app from Salesforce AppExchange?

  218. What is your retention policy? Is my data deleted when I cancel my account?

  219. What kind of Salesforce object can I work with? Does it work with custom objects?

  220. What Mobile Devices and OS Versions are Supported/Recommended by Formyoula?

  221. What type of encryption is used for the data you house?

  222. When viewing recent form entries, is it possible to add some sorting capabilities?

  223. Where can I download the mobile app for my iPhone / Android?

  224. Where can I see an Audit Trail of my form updates?

  225. Where to find the Formyoula mobile applications?

  226. Which versions of web browsers do you support?

  227. Who is using Formyoula?

  228. Who owns the data collected on our behalf? Are you selling it to anyone?

  229. Why can I not see my custom fields on the Salesforce connection field mapping list?

  230. Why I am able to update record on Salesforce but other users can not?

  231. Why new Salesforce Leads are not assigned to the users who created them?

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