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Formyoula Features

Online / Offline OperationThe mobile and web application does not require an internet connection to operate and is fully functional offline.
Data SecurityAll communication is encrypted between the mobile app and Salesforce.
GEO TaggingAutomatically capture the location where the form entry was submitted.
Any DeviceDownload Formyoula mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. Use Windows and Mac devices with the Formyoula mobile web app.
Custom Branded FormsAdd logos, banners and background images. Style form labels and navigation. Create forms for self-service or kiosk stands.
Generate PDF'sAttach the form entry as a PDF file to your Salesforce record or outbound email. Create custom PDF templates with merge field support.
Signatures and SketchesCapture drawn signatures and sketches on your forms.
Multi-Page FormsCreate multiple-page forms for large surveys and custom workflows.
Read-Only FieldsFields for presenting data to your users without the ability to modify them.
Field Library30+ predefined form field types for offline data capture. We are adding new field types every month.
Conditional FieldsAdd if-then rules to your forms to show, hide or populate fields dynamically based on form responses.
Copy FormsOne-click duplication of any existing form for easy reuse and customization.
Archive FormsArchive unused forms. Archived forms can be restored with connections.
DashboardView and track form submissions, quickly resolve issues and administer your forms from our Formyoula Dashboard.
Audit TrailSee chronological form and connection updates by date and user.
Form SharingControl individual user access level to each of your forms.
Rich Data CaptureInclude Photos, Signatures, Audio and Sketches in your forms.
HTML FieldsUse HTML code to customize any aspect of your form.
Draft EntriesSave form drafts for later retrieval. Perfect for longer application forms and multi-page surveys.
Email WorkflowSend submitted form entries to predefined or dynamic email recipients.
Hidden FieldsPre-fill Salesforce lookups, record types, statuses, stages and other static fields with predefined values.
Math Formula FieldsSimple mathematical formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
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