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Prefill form fields from Salesforce using URL merge parameters

If you would like to prefill specific fields from Salesforce using URL merge parameters, please use Formyoula merge fields that can be accessed on the Formyoula PDF Editor.

Example URL that includes the Formyoula Form ID to launch the form plus Formyoula and Salesforce merge fields: form_id=57921872a261c2070050cd17 & 7a78-4228-5ec6={!Case.Subject} & 4b95-185a-d17c={!Case.Description} & fc50-587c-5daa={!Case.Id}

1. First, please use to launch the Formyoula mobile web app.

2. Next, please add the Formyoula form ID, that can be copied from the Formyoula Form Builder.

3. Next, please add the Formyoula merge fields to the URL. You can add the Salesforce record ID if you would like to update an existing record on Salesforce using Formyoula.

Please see the full link example:{!Case.Subject}&4b95-185a-d17c={!Case.Description}&fc50-587c-5daa={!Case.Id}

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