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Create Forms and Capture Form Entries in Any Language

In this guide, we will demonstrate the possibility of setting up the form in different languages. You can use multiple languages on the same form, and you can capture the form field in the same or any other language necessary.

Please note that the admin pages like the connection builder and user management only support the English language.

1. Please go to your Formyoula dashboard and click on the “New Form” button  -

2. Please click on the “Rename” button.

Form NamePNG

3. Change the form’s name and apply the changes.

4. Next, please click on the “pencil” icon to rename the page name.


5. Once renamed please apply the changes.

6. Please drag & drop fields on your form. Once added, please click on the “pencil” icon to edit the field.

Field NamePNG

7. Change the field label in the required language.

8. Once all the fields are added, please click on the “Setup” button.

Form SetupPNG

9. Please tick the “Disable Standard Navigation” check-box. This will ensure to remove the standard “Submit”, “Cancel”, “Save as Draft” buttons on your form.

10. Please drag & drop “Navigation” buttons for all the necessary options. In this case, we will use three navigation buttons, for the “Submit”, “Cancel” and “Save as Draft” options.

11. Once added please click on the “pencil” icon to edit the field. Please change the button’s label, select the button’s action and customize the button by position and color.

12. Once all the fields are added please “Save & Close” the form.

13. Once the Salesforce connection is added, you can test your form on our mobile web app. Please click on the “Try” button next to the form.

14. Select the newly created form.

15. You can capture the form fields in any language, and this information will be pushed into Salesforce.

If you have any questions, please contact

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