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Custom Navigation Buttons

In this guide, we will explain how to disable the form’s standard navigation and add custom navigation buttons that allow you to submit, cancel, save form entries as drafts and navigate between pages.

1. Please go the Formyoula form builder’s page and click on the “Setup” button.


2. On the Form Settings page, please tick the “Disable Standard Navigation” checkbox and save the changes.


3. Next, please drag and drop “Navigation” fields for all the options necessary.

4. Please click on the pencil icon to edit the field.


5. Please update the button’s label and select the custom button’s action. You can add buttons for Submit, Save as Draft, Cancel, and Next page functions.

6. Optionally, you can select the button’s position and change the button’s text color using color Hex codes.

7. When all the fields are added, please save and close the form.

8. Now when capturing form entries, the standard navigation will be disabled, and you will be able to see the custom navigation buttons.

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