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Export Your Formyoula Forms From Your Sandbox and Import Them Into Your Salesforce Production Environment

In this guide, we will demonstrate, how to export your Formyoula forms from your Sandbox environment and import them into your production environment.

1. Please login into your Formyoula account that is linked to your sandbox environment -

2.  Please click on the “Actions” button next to your form and select the “Export” option.


3. Next, please log into your Formyoula account that is linked to your Salesforce production environment -

4. Once logged in, please use this link to open the form import page -

5. Enter a name for the form and select the downloaded form’s JSON file. Once selected, please click on the “Import Form”.

6. Now on your Formyoula dashboard, you will be able to access the newly imported form.

7. [Optional] After the form is imported, please make the following changes for the system fields:

  • If you are using the form pre-fill feature: Please replace the “Autofill Connections ID” on your Salesforce lookup and select fields with the new ID from the connections page.

  • If you are linking multiple object records with a single form: Please remap the Sequence fields. For example: [New Account Record ID (Seq 2)] to the Account ID.

For any questions, please contact us -

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