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Formyoula Integration With Salesforce Chatter

In this guide we will demonstrate how to create a new Chatter post in Salesforce using a Formyoula form. We will link the chatter posts to an Account record.

1. Go to and click “Sign In”.

2. Click “New Form”.

3. Click “Rename” to give your new form a name.

4. Drag and drop fields on your form. Add as many fields as you need.

5. First we will add a Salesforce lookup field. Click on the “pencil” icon and edit the field. In this case we will link our new chatter posts to Account record that will be selected using the lookup search.

[Optional] You can link the Chatter posts to any objects record in Salesforce by selecting the object from the lookup field drop-down list.

6. Next we will add a “TextArea” field that will be used for the Chatter post body.

7. When all the required fields are added “Save & Close” the form.

8. Next we will create a Salesforce connection for our form. Click on “(Add)” under the “Connections” column or click on the “Create a Connection” button, or select “Add/Edit Connections” from the “Actions” available list.

9. Select “Salesforce” from the available connections list and click “Create Connection >>”.

10. Select “Feed Item” from the available Salesforce Object list and click “Save”.

11. Next we will map our Formyoula fields to the Salesforce fields. First we need to map our Salesforce lookup field to the Salesforce “Parent ID” field. This will ensure that the Chatter posts are linked to a  specific object record in Salesforce.

12. And Formyoula TextArea “Chatter Comment” field to the Salesforce Feed Item “Body” field.

13. When done, please click on the “Try Form >>” button.

14. Select the newly created form.

15. Fill in the form details. First, find an Account record that this chatter post will be linked to, fill in the chatter post message and submit the form.

16. Now in Salesforce you will be able to see the Chatter post that is linked to a specific Account record based on the selection during the form capture process.

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