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Case Update Form With Filtered Case Related List

In this guide we will explain how to create a Case record update form with a related Case Comments record filtered drop down list.

This form will allow you to search for existing Cases on your Salesforce and display the Case Comments related to the selected Case. Additionally we will add a Signature capture element that will be attached as a PDF file under the case Notes and Attachments related list. Once a new form entry is captured by a user, Formyoula will update the Case record on Salesforce to change the Case Status.

We will use the filter option on the Salesforce Select List element to display only the Case Comments that are related to a specific Case record that will be found via the Salesforce Lookup element.

Please follow below steps to setup your form.

1. Go to and click “Sign In”.

2. Click “New Form”.

3. Click “Rename” to give your new form a name.

4. Forms can have multiple pages. We will leave one with the standard name “Details”.

5. Drag and drop the fields on your form. First we will add a Salesforce Lookup element. This will be used to find the Case records.

6. Click on the “pencil” icon to edit the field. Select “Case” from the “Object” drop down list. This will allow you to search for Case records in Salesforce. Rename the label as needed. Apply the changes when done.

7. Next, drag and drop a Salesforce Select element on your form.

8. Click on the “pencil” icon to edit the field. Select the “CaseComment” from the “Object” drop down list. This will allow you to see all the CaseComment related records from Salesforce based on the Case record found via the lookup field. Add CommentBody as an additional field. Apply the changes when done.

9. Drag and drop any other fields you need for your particular use case. In this case we will use a Signature field.

10. Drag and drop a “Hidden” field on your form. We will use this field to automatically set the existing Case record status as closed. Rename the label and add “Closed” as the field value.

11.  Click “Save & Close” when all the fields are added.

12. Next, we will need to get the Formyoula Salesforce Lookup field ID to use it in the Select element filter. Select the “PDF Editor” from the “Actions” drop down list on your Formyoula dashboard.

13. Select the Lookup field, in this case the field is named “Case Lookup Field”, and copy the merge ID.

14. Next go back to the dashboard and click on your form name to return to the form builder.

15. Click on the pencil icon on the Salesforce Select element and insert this syntax in the “Record Filter”: ParentId = '{{Merged Lookup Field}}' , in this case: ParentId = '{{002e-ca3c-4dd4}}'. Apply the changes when done.

16. Click “Save & Close” to save your form.

17. Next we will return to the PDF Editor, as we want to add a custom PDF file to the Case record that will contain only the signature field.

18. Merge the Signature field and paste it on the PDF file.

19. Customize your PDF file as necessary.

20. When done tick the “Use” check-box and Save the custom PDF file.

21.  Next we will add a Salesforce connection. Click on “(Add)” under the “Connections” column or click on the “Create a Connection” button, or select “Add/Edit Connections” from the “Actions” available list.

22. Select “Salesforce” from the available connections list and click “Create Connection >>”.

23. Select “Case” from the available Salesforce Object list and click “Save and Continue”.

24. On the connections page under the “Salesforce Record Settings” we will enable two features:

  1. We will tick the “PDF Attachment” check-box that will ensure to add a PDF file to the Case record in Salesforce.

  2. We will enable the “Update based on lookup” option. Select your Case lookup field from the available list. This will ensure to update the existing Case record in Salesforce.

Save record setting when done.

25. Next we will map our hidden “Status” field to the Case “Status” field in Salesforce.

26. When done, go to your Formyoula dashboard.

27. Click on the “Try” button next to the form. This will open the mobile web app.

28. Select the newly created form.

29. First we will find an existing Case record using the lookup field. You can search by case number, subject or description values.

30. For viewing purposes we can check if there are any related Case Comments using the Salesforce Select field. Based on our filter criteria this will only display the Case Comments based on the Case record found via the lookup field.

31. Next we capture the Signature and submit the form entry.

32. Now in Salesforce the Case record status will be updated as “Closed” and a PDF file with the signature will be attached to the Case record.

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