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Record & Display Signatures in Salesforce

Please follow these steps to record and display signatures in Salesforce:

  • Record Signature URL in Salesforce:

1) Create a custom URL or Text field in Salesforce on the object you are looking to record the signature on.


2) Name the label.

3) Now on Formyoula map your signature field to the newly created Signature URL field in Salesforce.

4) Now the Signature URL will be recorded in Salesforce.

  • Display signature on Salesforce:

1) To display the actual signature on Salesforce please create a formula field on the same object as the URL field.

2) Select “Text” as the returning value.

3) Please use this syntax for the formula: IF (NOT(ISBLANK(Signature_URL__c)),IMAGE(Signature_URL__c, 'Signature', 200, 500),"No Signature Is Captured") Replace the “Signature_URL__c” field with your custom “Text” or “URL” field. You can set the size of the image by changing the number values (pixels).

4) Now the signature will be displayed on Salesforce.

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