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Send Email After Each Form Entry is Captured

Please follow this guide If you would like to send an email every time a new form entry is captured and recorded on Salesforce. We will use a Salesforce workflow rule to automatically send an email from a Salesforce template to an email of your choice. Emails can be sent to your Salesforce Users, custom emails or email fields recorded on your Salesforce records. For example, you can send an email to a new Lead using the email field on the Lead record. Or you can chose a User from your Salesforce that will receive an email notification each time a record is created.


To setup this in your Salesforce, please follow below steps where we will show you how to create an email notification. Each time a new Lead record is created the Formyoula user who captured the entry will receive a notification with the details recorded on the Lead record.

1) Create a new custom Email field on the Lead Object in Salesforce. This is where we will record the Formyoula user email who has captured the form entry.

2) Name the field label.

3) Create a Lead capture form, please see this guide that explains how to create a new Lead form - After the form is created please go to the connections page.


4) Map (add to the existing mappings) the Formyoula system “[User Email]” field to the newly created Salesforce custom “Formyoula Submitter Email” field.


5) Next Create (or use existing) Email template in Salesforce. We will use a template that displays fields from the captured form entry.

6) Next, create a new Workflow Rule in Salesforce.

7) Select “Lead” from the list, as we are applying the workflow to the Lead object.

8) Name the new Rule.

9) We will select the option “created”, as we want to send out the email only if a new record is created.

10) We will use one Rule criteria. Select the newly created custom field, select the operation “not equal to” and leave the Value field empty.

11) Select “New Email Alert” as the Workflow Action.

12) Add a description.

13) Select your Email Template.

14) Select “Email Field” from the Recipient list.

15) Move the “Formyoula Submitter Email” to the “Selected Recipients” box. Save when done.

16) Activate the new Workflow Rule.

17) Capture a form entry.

18) New Lead record will be created on Salesforce.

19) And an email will be sent out to the user who captured the form entry.

For any questions please contact us -

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