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Salesforce Record Select List

We recently released a new form element called the Salesforce Select List. The Salesforce Select List allows you to display a list of Salesforce records. Formyoula users can then select one of them to add to their form entries. These can be tasks, contacts, opportunities, products or campaigns. All standard and custom objects are supported.

The record list is directly retrieved from Salesforce in real time. You can create record filters to make sure only the right records are displayed.

In this guide, we will use a Salesforce Select Element to list Salesforce Opportunities and update one of the selected Opportunity records in Salesforce.

1. Drag and drop the Salesforce Select element from the Salesforce components tab on your form. And click on the pencil icon.

2. Select the Salesforce object that you would like to use. The Salesforce Select element will display records related to this object.

3. [Optional] You can display additional fields on the Select element’s list when selecting the Opportunity. You can add Name, Probability, Close Date and other standard or custom object fields. Please note that you can only use exact API names as in Salesforce and they can be separated only with commas. Please see below example.

4. [Optional] If you would like to display Account name or other related record lookup fields from Salesforce then you will need to create a formula field on Salesforce. For example, to create a formula for Account name: Use “Account.Name” in the formula.

5. After creating the formula field, please add the API name to the “Display Additional Fields” section.

6. [Optional] You can filter the record search by using the Salesforce SOQL syntax. For example: StageName=’Closed Won’ AND Closed Day <= Today AND Custom_Field__c !=’Example Value’. In our example, we will filter our Select List Opportunity records so that only the records that contain words “Formyoula” and “Rock” will be displayed on the Select list.

7. [Optional] You can pre-fill your forms with information from Salesforce using the Salesforce Select “Autofill Connection Id” option. Please see the following guide that demonstrates the necessary steps for the form pre-fill -

8. Now on your form, you will see the Select field that will allow you to select a Salesforce record from a filtered list.

If you need any help, please email

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