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Update or Create a Contact Record

To start go to your Formyoula Dashboard - and click "New Form".

1.Rename your form, we will use "New Contact".

2.Drag and drop a “Salesforce Lookup” field on your form. This will be used to find an existing Contact on Salesforce.

3.Next drag and drop two “Text” fields for “First Name” and “Last Name”, and one “Email” field for “Email”.

[Optional] Drag and drop a Hidden field on your form. This can be used to automatically populate fields in Salesforce, for example: picklist, select list and other fields. In this case we will populate a check-box field for attendance. Please use the value “true” without capital letters.

4.Add as many other fields as you need, when done click on the “Save & Close” button.

5.Next we will need to create a Salesforce connections. Please click on the "Add" button under "Connections" column or press on the "Create a Connection" button under "Next Step" column, or select "Add/ Edit Connections" from the "Actions" list.

6. Select Salesforce from the available list and click “Create Connection”.

7. Select “Contact” from the available “Salesforce Object” list and click “Save”.

8. Next select the Salesforce lookup from the available ”Update based on lookup” list. This will ensure to update the existing Contact on Salesforce. When done click “Save Record Settings”.

9. Click “Save Record Settings” when done.

10. Now we need to map our Formyoula Contact fields to the Salesforce Contact fields.

11. Go back to the Formyoula Dashboard when done.

12. On the Formyoula Dashboard, click the "Try" button to launch the Mobile Web App.

13. Select the newly created form.

14. Fill in and submit the form. Use either Salesforce lookup to update the existing Contact or create a new one by filling in the fields. In this case we will be creating a new Contact record.

15. Now when you open Salesforce you will be able to see the new or updated Contact record. With the check-box ticked.

If you have any questions please email

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