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Create New Campaign Record

In this guide we will demonstrate how to create a new Campaign record in Salesforce with a Formyoula mobile form. This mobile form can be completed while the mobile device is offline and the new record will be created on Salesforce once the device regains internet connection. Both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users can complete Formyoula mobile forms and the new records will be created on Salesforce. You can create any number of records on standard or custom object with a single Formyoula mobile form. Child record creation is supported using repeat group elements.

1. Go to and click “Sign In”.

2. Click “New Form”.

3. Click “Rename” to give your new form a name.

4. Forms can have multiple pages. We will leave one with the standard name “Details”.

5. Drag and drop fields on your form. Add as many fields as you need.

6. Click on the “pencil” icon to edit the fields.


8. Drag and drop a “Select” field on your form to capture information and match it to Salesforce picklist fields on Campaign record.

9. Edit the field and add matching values as on Salesforce field.

10. Drag and drop two “Date” fields to set the start and end dates on the Campaign record.

11. Click “Save & Close” to save your form.

12. Click on “(Add)” under the “Connections” column or click on the “Create a Connection” button, or select “Add/Edit Connections” from the “Actions” available list.

13.  Select “Salesforce” from the available connections list and click “Create Connection >>”.

14. Select “Campaign” from the available Salesforce Object list and click “Save”

15. Select the matching fields in both mapping sections and click “Create Map”.

16. Map all the necessary fields from your Formyoula form to the Salesforce fields.

17. When done, go to your Formyoula dashboard.

18. Click on the “Try” button next to the form. This will open the mobile web app.

19. Select the newly created form.

20. Fill in the form and click “Submit” when done.

21. Now, when you open Salesforce you will be able to see the newly created Campaign record with all the captured fields.

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