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Add Users To Campaigns During Events

Please follow these steps to create a form with a list of filtered Campaigns where a new contact is created and attached to a Campaign as a Campaign Member.

1) Create a form, add a Salesforce Select element on your form.

2) Edit the Salesforce Select element.


3) Select Campaign from the Object list.

4) Add additional fields, for example: Name,Status,Date__c please use the Salesforce API names. These fields will be displayed when selecting the Campaign from the list.

5) Set the record filter (please make sure to use the exact Salesforce field API names) use this syntax as an example: Date__c=TODAY AND Status='Planned' AND IsActive=TRUE

6) Add all the other necessary fields.

7) “Save & Close” when done.

8) Create a Salesforce “Contact” connection for the form.

9) Set the “Insert Sequence” as “1”. This will ensure to create the Contact record prior the attachment to the Campaign.

10) “Save Record Settings” when done.

11) Map all the Formyoula “Contact” fields to the Salesforce “Contact” fields.

12) Go back to the connections page and create a Salesforce “Campaign Member” connection.

13) Set the “Insert Sequence” as “2”. This will ensure to attach the new Contact to the Campaign as a Campaign Member.

14) “Save Record Settings” when done.

15) Map the Formyoula [New Contact (Seq. 1)] field to the Salesforce Contact ID.

16) Map the Formyoula “Salesforce Select” element (in this example the “Salesforce Select” element’s label is named as “Campaign”) to the Salesforce Campaign ID.

17) Try the form and click on the “Select” button.

18) Now you can see the list of Campaigns that match your filter criteria, with additional fields displayed.

19) Select one from the list, fill in the rest of the fields and submit the form.

20) Now when you open Salesforce you will be able to see the new Contact as a Campaign Member under the selected Campaign.

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