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Exporting All Form Entries To Excel

To export all form entries from Formyoula to excel and store them on Google drive, please go to your Formyoula dashboard and click on the "Actions" button.

Select "Download All Entries" from the available list.

Entries will be downloaded as a .csv file.

To store your form entries on Google drive please open your Google drive, press on "My Drive" column, select "Upload files..." from the available list and upload the .csv file.

To export your form entries in excel, please open a Google spreadsheet, press on "File" and select "Import" from the available list.

Import the .csv file from your Google drive or upload from your computer. You will be able to see the form name, person who captured the form entry, date/time when it was captured and all the details captured in all the form entries.

For any questions please email

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