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Email Connection

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to setup an Email connection for your Formyoula form. You can create up to 3 email connection per each form.

1) Please go to your Formyoula Dashboard - and click on the "Add" button under "Connections" column or press on the "Create a Connection" button under "Next Step" column, or select "Add/ Edit Connections" from the "Actions" list.

2) Select "Email" from the available connections list and click "Create Connection".

3) Click on the "Add custom" button to add an email address.

You can add multiple email addresses per each connection. Please separate each email address with a comma. We recommend using up to 5 email addresses per connection.

[Optional] You can select an email field from your form. This will ensure to send out the email to a specific email address that will be captured in the form entry.

4) Add a "Subject" for the email template and click "Add Email".

5) Click on the email address you have just added to edit the email template.

6) You can change the "Email Subject" and add the "Email Body".

7) Add "From Name" and "From Email" and tick the "Include PDF Attachment" check-box to attach a PDF to the email.

8) Click "Save changes" when done.

9) Go back to the Formyoula Dashboard when done.

10) On the Formyoula Dashboard, click the "Try" button to launch the Mobile Web App.

11) Select the newly created form.

12) Fill in and submit the form. Now if you open your email inbox, a new email will be received.

13) If you open the email, you will be able to find the attached form entry's PDF.

If you have any questions, please email

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