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Adding Salesforce Lookup Fields to Your Mobile Forms

The Salesforce Lookup field allows you to search for existing Salesforce records. You can use any standard or custom object for the Salesforce Lookup field. Your users will be able to search for Salesforce records and see the search results on their Formyoula mobile application. You can even use lookups to update existing records in Salesforce or autofill certain information on your form.

The main two use cases for the Salesforce Lookup records are:

  • Search for existing Salesforce record and update the record with information captured on your Formyoula form. For example, you can find an existing account and update the description, address and type.

  • Search for existing Salesforce record and map it to a lookup or master detail relationship field on Salesforce. For example, you can create a new contact and link it to an existing account on Salesforce. Or create a new lead record and link it to a Salesforce campaign record.

In this guide we will add an account lookup to a new contact form.

Select a form you would like to add a lookup to.

Click on the Salesforce drag & drop component tab.

Drag and drop the Salesforce Lookup field on your form. And click the pencil icon.

Select the object you would like to use for the lookup. This will allow you to search for records related to this object.

(Optional) You can change the displayed search information by adding the fields you would like to see on the search page for each record that will be listed in the search results. Please use the Salesforce field API names separated by commas.

(Optional) If you would like to display Account name or other related record lookup fields from Salesforce then you will need to create a formula field on Salesforce. For example, to create a formula for Account name: Use “Account.Name” in the formula.

After creating the formula field, please add the API name to the “Display Additional Fields” section.

(Optional) You can pre-fill your forms with information from Salesforce using the Salesforce Select “Autofill Connection Id” option. Please see the follwing guide that will demonstrates necesary steps for the form pre-fill


When done, click "Save & Close".

Now, go to your form connections.

Click on the Salesforce connection where you would like to add the field mapping to.

Here you will be able to map the Formyoula Salesforce Lookup field to your Salesforce Object Field. We will map our Account lookup field to the Contact object Account ID. This will ensure that new contacts will be linked to existing accounts that we found using the Salesforce Lookup field.

Make sure the new entry has been created in the mapping table.

Now on your form you will see a lookup field that will allow you to search for Salesforce records.

If you need any help, please email

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