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Offline Form Entry Sharing Between Devices Using Bluetooth and NFC

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to share an existing form entry from one device to another device using Bluetooth file-sharing or NFC. We will use AirDrop on iOS to share a form entry from an iPad to an iPhone while offline.

Start capturing a form entry on the first device. You can submit the entry or save it as a draft after making the necessary changes.

Open the form entry detail page on the same device and click on the export entry option.

Select AirDrop and the device you want to share the form entry with.

On the second device open the Formyoula mobile app setup page and click on Import Form Entry.

Select the form entry to import.

After the form entry has been imported you will be able to continue work on the second device.

For any questions, please contact us - or the Formyoula in-app chat 🙂

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