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HTML Element For Repeat Group Header

In this guide, we will explain how to use HTML element for Repeat Group Header. If you have any questions, please email us

This feature will help to create a dynamic label based on merge-id, which is supported via HTML element inside the Repeat Group.

So to use this feature, we need a Formyoula HTML element inside a repeat group. As per the below Image we are using a Repeat Group with one HTML for showing the label on the Repeat group and two other fields. For example, Product Name - Text field and Product Price - Number field.

Now we need to use the component-id/merge-id in HTML element as per below image. You can also change your component-id/merge-id order based on your requirement.

And we can hide the HTML element on the form via CSS because we only need this HTML Element for showing the Repeat Group label.

Now, click on Apply Changes and click on Repeat Group Edit icon.

Now, we select HTML element from the Repeat Entry Header Fields instead of selecting multiple Element.

Save the Form and try the Form.

 For any questions, please contact us - Element For Repeat Group Header

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