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Release Notes - May, 2019

New Features

Graphic Element Base 64 - We have a new Base64 option that will embed the image into the form for clients who need images always offline.


Attach Form PDF to Files on Salesforce - We have added support to File upload along with Notes and Attachment on Salesforce.

Offline search and pre-fill Update - We have made performance improvements to offline search and pre-fill.

Offline PDF Updates - We have added Advanced offline PDF conditional formatting.

Repeat Element Update - Salesforce Pre-Fill section is now introduced for Repeat Group Pre-Fill from Salesforce.

QR scanner update - This update includes enhancement for a webcam-based or image upload based QR code scanning on the desktop browser or Windows-based app.

Salesforce table element - Please find below the list of updates added to Salesforce Table element under Custom Table Column:

  1. User can add new data type (select, checkbox), the added new columns are editable, Default value options are provided.
  2. For Select Data type, user can add option values separated by commas  
    Example: test,test1,test2,test3,test4.
  3. New Record Button option has been added under Advanced section ( This will enable/disable the new row creation button on the table).
  4. Yellow plus button will be shown on table top right corner to add a new row.
  5. A delete button will be added in a newly created row.

Latest App Versions - Android App: v3.5.2, iOS App: v3.2.8, Browser App: v3.3.8, Windows/Mac App: v3.2.9

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