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Sign In As Another Formyoula User

In this guide, we will cover the main details about the Salesforce package that will allow you to sign in as other Formyoula users on Salesforce. If you have any questions, please email us

Please see a short demo video where we sing in as another Salesforce user to help manage their Formyoula forms or debug any issues.

You can find the latest Formyoula Mobile Forms add-on package via the following installation link -

This will create three new Tabs under the Formyoula App on Salesforce.

  • Formyoula Dashboard - This is the admin dashboard for form and user management. Both admins and standard users can access this page, and they will get the appropriate view based on their permissions.
  • Formyoula Mobile - This is the progressive mobile web app that works offline and can be embedded in Salesforce1 mobile and other parts of Salesforce. You can launch surveys directly using the form_id and use URL pre-fill information from Salesforce.
  • Formyoula Support Case - This allows you to submit support cases for issues and bugs that are handled by our Enterprise support team.

After the installation, please follow the post installation guide to update the Formyoula Connected App settings and assigned profiles which will have access to these tabs.

For any questions, please contact us - or the Formyoula in-app chat :)

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