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Create Custom Lookup Search Result Fields

In this guide, we will explain how to Customize Formyoula Lookup search results. If you have any questions, please email us

In this example, we will display a complete address with labels using a Formyoula Lookup field.

We will create a new Salesforce Formula field type with text output in on Salesforce. This newly created field will be used to display complete address using the Formyoula lookup.

Below is a sample screenshot of how you can configure the field on Salesforce:

Example formula:

"Street Name: " &  BillingStreet & BR() &

"City: " & BillingCity & BR() &

"Postal Code: " & BillingPostalCode & BR() &

"Country: " & BillingCountry

On the Formyoula side, drag and drop a Salesforce Lookup on your form.

In the "Display Additional Properties" section, choose the Formula field name that you have created on Salesforce.

You can now reference the formula field as an additional field on the Formyoula Salesforce Lookup or Salesforce Select field.

When searching for offline and online records, the complete address will be displayed on all search results.

For any questions, please contact us -

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