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Launch Offline Formyoula Mobile Forms via Salesforce1 Formula Field Link

In this guide, we will explain how to create a clickable link on a Salesforce1 mobile record detail page that will open the Formyoula mobile app and launch a specific mobile form/survey. This will work while the mobile device is offline or online. If you have any questions, please email us

Please see a short demo video on how this works.


Please start by creating a new Salesforce field on the object where you would like to launch the Formyoula form survey from. The Salesforce field type will be “Formula”.

Next, please label the field and select the output type as “Text”.

Please paste in the following function to your Formula field.

Example function.

HYPERLINK("formyoula://?form_id=6005710f0d7735002eba7724&ea84-502d-743b=" + Id + "&a56e-1330-73b4=" + Name + "&redirect=salesforce1://sObject/Account/home", "Click To Open Survey!","_blank")

This function consists of a mobile app link that will launch the Formyoula Mobile app.

“formyoula://” - The Formyoula Mobile URL namespace used to communicate with the Formyoula Mobile app. This works similar to a website domain name link.

“?form_id=592ead87ffb6420e00bcc278” - Formyoula form template ID URL parameter. You can replace the ID with any of your form ID to launch the form directly.

“9b63-fe6f-fcf6=" + Id - URL merge field mapping. You can map any Salesforce field to a Formyoula form field using the Formyoula field ID and Salesforce Field API name. Please make sure to append the “&” before all merge field mappings to make sure merge fields are working, and the URL structure follows the web standards. "&redirect=salesforce1://sObject/Account/home" - Redirect the user back to salesforce account object on submit and save draft action of the form.

For more information about URL parameters, please see following link -

When the formula is completed, please save the new Salesforce field and add it to the page layout.

For any questions please contact us -

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