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Release Notes - December, 2017

New Features

  • Formyoula Beta - New Formyoula Beta environment where latest Formyoula features are released before they are available on all Formyoula live instances.


  • Formyoula EU - Performance improvements to Formyoula Europe instance and full support for EU GDPR.

  • User Import - CSV user import now supports additional columns like license assignment, user country and custom attributes.

  • China Service - We have made sure all users in China using corporate or home networks have access to all Formyoula features.

  • Survey Branding - Online survey loading screen can now be branded with a custom logo, text and background color.

  • Camera Options - The photo capture form element now supports the front-facing camera, in an upcoming update a default front or back facing camera options will be available.

  • Camera Translation - Photo source labels are now translatable when users are capturing photos on the mobile device.

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