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Filter Salesforce Records Based on Formyoula User Email

In this guide, we will explain how to filter Salesforce Lookup and Select fields based on Formyoula User’s email address.

1. Please create a Text field on your Salesforce Object that will be used for the record filtering. In this case, we will create a Text field called “Formyoula User Email” on the Contact Object.

2. Next, please add an email value to the newly created field in your Salesforce.

3. Please go to your Formyoula dashboard and create or edit a form template -

4. Please drag and drop a Salesforce Select field on your form.

5. Please edit the Salesforce Select field and select the necessary Salesforce Object. And please add the following filter syntax using the Formyoula system merge field:

  • Formyoula_User_Email__c = '{{Formyoula_User_Email}}'

6. Please apply changes and Save & Close the form.

7. Please try your created/updated form.

8. Now, when you click on the Salesforce Select field you will be able to see the records that contain the Formyoula User’s email on the Formyoula User Email field in Salesforce:

For any questions, please contact us -

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