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Change The Formyoula App System Button and Label Language

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to change the Formyoula app’s system button and label language.


1. Please go to your Formyoula dashboard.



2. Please click on your name in the top-right corner and go to the setup page -



3. Next, please add the following HTML code in the “Mobile Footer HTML” tab under the Organization Details section.


<script type="text/javascript">

 //Locale trasnalated valuea

 var localization = {

   'Sign out': "登出 (Sign out)",

   'Form Entries': "登出 (Form Entries)",

   'Recent Entries': "登出 (Recent Entries)",

   'Salesforce': "登 出 (Salesforce)",

   'Delete Sent Entries': "登出 (Delete Sent Entries) ",

   'Delete Draft Entries': "登出 登出 (Delete Draft Entries)",

   'Get iPhone and iPad App': "登出 登出 出 (Get iPhone and iPad App)",

   'Get Android App': "登出 出 出 (Get Android App)",

   'Back': "登出 (Back)",

   'Edit': "登出 (Edit)",

   'Delete': "登出 (Delete)",

   'Print': "登出 (Print)",

   'Submit': "登出 (Submit)",

   'Save Draft': "登出 (Save Draft)",

   'Cancel': "登出 (Cancel)",

   'Next': "登出 (Next)"



 function translate_text() {

   //Loop over all keys

   for (var key in localization) {

     //Translate ink

     $("a:contains('" + key + "')").text(localization[key]);

     //Translate Button

     $("button:contains('" + key + "')").text(localization[key]);

     //Translate Headeing

     $("h3:contains('" + key + "')").text(localization[key]);


   //Add click event

   $('.open, .btn').on('click', function () {

     setTimeout(translate_text, 200)



 //translate text

 $(document).ready(function () {


   //tranalste on setup page

   $(' #header').on('click', function () {

     setTimeout(translate_text, 100)







You can select your preferred language and change the specific lines in the code. For example:


From the provided Mandarin language:


'Sign out': "登出 (Sign out)"


To the French language:


'Sign out': "Déconnexion (Sign out)"




4. Now when you open your Formyoula mobile app the system button and label language will be changed.








For any questions, please contact us -



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