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Release Notes - June, 2017

New Features

  • Barcode and QR Scanning - New Form element that allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes using the mobile device camera.

  • Rich Text Field - New form element that allows you to capture Rich Text input with support for ordered and unordered lists, text decoration and alignment. Supports pre-fill and mapping with Salesforce Rich Text Field.


  • Locate Date and Datetime Support In PDF - Date and Datetime fields will be displayed in the user's local date format when sent to Salesforce and printed on mobile devices.

  • Repeat Group Support In Custom PDF - Repeat Group entry fields can now be referenced in the PDF editor to build custom tables and lists.

  • Map Single Formyoula Field to Multiple Salesforce Fields - Now you can use a single Formyoula form to record the field value into multiple Salesforce fields on the same object connection.

  • Display Deleted Field In CSV Export - When form template fields are deleted they will still be available for older form entries that were captured with the older versions of the template that had the fields.

  • Formyoula File Deletion - When uploading Formyoula files to your Salesforce as Chatter Files, Attachments or Documents you can choose to delete the original files hosted on Formyoula and only keep the Salesforce native copy.

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