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Display Repeat Group Entries In Custom PDF Template Using Merge Fields

In this guide, we will explain how to display Repeat Group entries in a custom PDF template using merge fields.


1. Please go to your Formyoula dashboard -


2. Please click on the “Actions” button next to your form and select the “PDF Editor” option.



3. Please add all the necessary fields on your custom PDF template using the Merge Field IDs from the top right corner.



 4. Please add the following syntax for the Repeat Group function. Please change the 12 digit ID in the syntax with your Repeat Group merge ID.

<!-- {{formyoula_repeat_fea5-9d6b-0130}} -->

5. Please add all the necessary fields from your Repeat Group. You can customize the layout by adding tables or any other custom functions. And please use the field merge IDs from the Repeat Group.  


6. Next, Save & Close the PDF Editor. 

7. Now when you capture a form entry with multiple repeatable items, they will be displayed on the custom PDF template.





For any questions, please contact us -


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