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Online and Offline Salesforce Lookup Search

In this guide, we will explain the difference between online and offline search used for the Salesforce Lookup element.

Searching for Salesforce records while online:

While online, you are searching for records directly on Salesforce, this allows you to search based on all the global searchable fields on your object. For example: If you are searching the Account record on Salesforce, you can use the following fields to search in - Account Name, Phone, Website, Address, and Type. Please note, searching for lookup fields is not supported by the Salesforce search. In this example, we use the Address to search for an existing Account record.

Searching for Salesforce records while offline:

While offline, you are searching for the records stored locally on your mobile device. You can find records using the information in the additional fields you have selected on your Salesforce Lookup. In the following example, we can use the Account Name, Phone or Website fields to find the record. Please note, searching based on the address will not return any results because this is not selected as an additional Salesforce Lookup field.

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