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Create or Update Lead Records in Salesforce by Using the Upsert Functionality

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to create a new Lead record or how to update an existing Lead record in Salesforce by using the Formyoula Upsert functionality. This mobile form can be completed while the mobile device is offline and the new record will be created on Salesforce once the device regains internet connection. Both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users can complete Formyoula mobile forms, and the new records will be created on Salesforce.

1. Please go to and click “Sign In”.

2. Please click “New Form”.

3. Please click “Rename” to give your new form a name.

4. Forms can have multiple pages. We will leave the default name “Details”.

5. Please drag and drop fields onto your form. Add as many fields as you need.

6. Please click on the “pencil” icon to edit the fields.


7. Once all the necessary fields are added, please click “Save & Close” to save your form.

8. Please click on “(Add)” under the “Connections” column or click on the “Create a Connection” button, or select “Add/Edit Connections” from the “Actions” available list.

9. Please select “Salesforce” from the available connections list and click “Create Connection >>”.

10. Please select “Lead” from the available Salesforce Object list and click “Save”.

11.  First, please click on the “Salesforce Record Settings” to open the connections setting tab.

12. Next, please select a field from the available list under the “Upsert Based on Fields”. You can use the upsert functionality on any “Text” or ”Email” field type. In this case, we will use the “Email” field that will update an existing Lead record if the email address already exists in Salesforce.

13. Please save the Record Setting once done.

14. Next, please select the matching fields in both mapping sections and click “Create Map”.

15. Map all the necessary fields from your Formyoula form to the Salesforce fields.

16. Once done, please click on the “Try Form >>” button on the top of the page that will open the mobile web app.

17. Please select your newly created form.

18. Please capture all the fields necessary and submit the form entry.

19. Next, please open your Formyoula dashboard - and click on the newly created form entry under the “Recent Entries” list.

20. Here you will be able to see the Salesforce connection notifications. In this case, we can see that an existing Lead record was updated in Salesforce as there already was a Lead record with an email address “gatis@formyoula”.

21. Now, if we open Salesforce and search for the Lead record you will be able to see the existing Lead record was successfully updated.


For any questions, please contact us -

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