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How To Skip Form Pages Using Formyoula Custom Navigation?

In this guide, we will explain how to enable custom navigation to skip form pages based on answers to form questions.

In the below example, we will show how to skip pages based on Select List values.

To start, please open the Formyoula Form Builder and click on Setup button.

Next, please check the “Disable Standard Navigation” option. This will remove standard form navigations buttons like Next, Back, Cancel and Submit.

Now please add a Select List field that will control which Custom Navigation button is displayed.

Please add two options to the Select List field.

Next, please add two Custom Navigation buttons.

We will configure the first Navigation button to go to the third page using the “Go To Page #” setup option. Under the “Button Action”, please select “Next” option.

Now, we will click on the “Add Controlling Field” option and select the “Controlling field” and “Show If” answer. This logic will show and hide form elements based on answers on the controlling field.

When done, please click “Apply Changes”.

Please repeat the same steps for the second Navigation button. The only exceptions here will be the “Go To Page #” option that will be set to 2 and the controlling field answer will be the opposite value.

This is how both of the buttons look on the Form Builder.

When Standard Navigation is disabled you will need to add Custom Navigation Buttons on each of your form pages.

Please make sure you add a “Submit” button on the last page of your form.

When done, please click on the “Try” button next to the form on your Formyoula Dashboard.

Next, please open the form and try changing answer options in the Select List. You can see that based on the selected answer, the appropriate button is displayed.

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